About the IRC Chat

The chat room is the place to be when you’re tuned into the show! Based on good ‘ole IRC, you can use your own chat client or use a browser based one provided below. Here are a few ways you can connect and participate.

  • Pop-up chat https://fnt.xbn.fm/iris
  • Use your own IRC client, and CONNECT to:
    • Hostname: irc.bad.pet
    • Channel: #fnt
    • Port: 6697
    • SSL/TLS required.
  • See below for an embedded version of the browser based Ajax chat client, Iris.

#FurCast, #FNT and #Maestropaws Channel Rules

  • Be respectful to everybody in the channel. We want the channel to be a welcoming, accepting environment.
  • When a moderator tells you to stop doing something, listen to them.
  • No distribution, request for distribution, or mention of CHILD pornography. This could cause serious legal issues.
  • Please move RP to #FurcastRP; it can monopolize the conversation in the main channel.
  • Don’t be a dumbass. Have common sense, and use it. If you know you shouldn’t be doing something, don’t do it.
  • If you have an issue with one of these rules or the way they are enforced, please take it up privately with a moderator. Do not argue with the moderators in the main channel. Remember, the moderators always have the last word; please respect their decisions.

***REMEMBER***: These rules are here for everybody’s benefit and continued enjoyment of this channel. Please follow them!

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